MESA Book Awards Nomination Guidelines

Nominations for all three awards (Albert Hourani Book Award, Nikki Keddie Book Award, Fatema Mernissi Book Award) are made simultaneously, and can be made by either the publisher or the author. Although there is no limit on the number of titles that authors or publishers may submit, we ask that they exercise discretion in the selection of books nominated. Below is a list of criteria that should be met:

1.   Books must be non-fiction scholarly monographs based on original research published in English between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023*. Authors need not be members of MESA.

2.   Subject matter must deal with the Middle East. Areas primarily of interest include Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, and the countries of the Arab World from the seventh century to modern times. Spain, Southeastern Europe, the Soviet Union and other regions also are included for the periods in which their territories were part of the Middle Eastern empires or were under the influence of Middle Eastern civilization.

3.   Works not eligible include edited collections and compilations, proceedings of symposia, new editions of previously published books, bibliographies, dictionaries, textbooks, and surveys.

4.   Nominations must be made by April 15, 2023, with books delivered to the readers by April 20, 2023, for books to be eligible for the competition. (Emailed nominations are acceptable)

The author of each of the awards will receive $1000. In the event of co-winners, prize money will be divided evenly among the winners. Honorable mentions also receive a certificate of award. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at the 57th MESA Annual Meeting in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. As well, the results will be posted on MESA’s website and in other publications as deemed appropriate by MESA.



By April 15, 2023: Send an email that includes the full title of the book, author’s full name, publisher, and publication date along with a pdf copy or eBook of the nominated book to Sara Palmer at the MESA Secretariat.

                Sara L. Palmer, Book Awards Coordinator
                2023 MESA Book Awards Competition


By April 20, 2023: Send a print copy of the book to each of the six readers on the Book Awards Committee. Please note that contact information is provided to submit copies of the book; direct all questions and correspondence to Sara Palmer and not to committee members.

Orit Bashkin, Chair
University of Chicago
Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
201 Pick Hall, 5828 S University Ave
Chicago IL 60637

Fahad Bishara
University of Virginia
Corcoran Department of History
Charlottesville VA 22903

Lisa Blaydes
Stanford University
Department of Political Science
616 Serra St Encina Hall W
Stanford CA 94305-6044

Leor Halevi
Department of History
Vanderbilt University
2301 Vanderbilt Pl
119 Benson Hall
Nashville TN 37235-1802

Nazanin Shahrokni
Department of Gender Studies
London School of Economics and Political Science
Pankhurst House, Clement Inn
London WC2A 2AE
+44 (0)207 955 7602

Nadia G. Yaqub
2413 W. Club Blvd.
Durham NC 27705

* If a book has been printed and is available for distribution but has a publication date after March 31, 2023, please contact Sara Palmer. 

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