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Federal Court Blocks Trump Muslim Ban, Again

A federal court in Maryland blocked President Trump’s latest Muslim ban from going into effect today. This follows a federal court in Hawaii issuing a similar ruling on Tuesday in another challenge. The Middle East Studies Association, represented by the ACLU, had been in court Monday in Maryland with its fellow plaintiffs to challenge this latest version of the ban — the president’s third such attempt.

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Joint Press Release: Response to Supreme Court canceling oral arguments in Muslim ban case

Today, the Supreme Court removed Trump v. International Refugee Assistance Project from the oral argument calendar. The parties are now required to submit briefs by October 5 to determine the impact of last night’s proclamation amending the previous executive order.
In response to these developments, plaintiffs and counsel in Trump v. IRAP issued the following statements:

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Maryland Court Blocks Trump’s New Muslim Ban

A federal court in Maryland issued an injunction blocking President Trump’s new Muslim ban executive order early this morning, just hours after a Hawaii court issued a nationwide injunction in a separate challenge. The Middle East Studies Association (MESA), along with refugee groups, had joined a lawsuit, represented by the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Immigration Law Center, in federal district court seeking the injunction.

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