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MESA Book Bag - Heavy duty and waterproof, Teal w/black handles and silver design. (12" high x 15" wide x 6" gusset)$15
The Map Project by Justin McCarthy (copyright 2003) - Includes 103 colorful, detailed maps of the Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia (17 modern political maps, 9 physical maps, 7 on climate and earthquakes, 10 on vegetation and agriculture and demographics, 19 on history to 1912, 33 on wars and other history, 8 on the economy). All maps are .tif images on a CD-ROM and can be printed on transparencies or imported into presentation programs.$25
Greeting Cards (Package of 8 cards and envelopes) - Featuring designs from some of MESA's favorite program covers
1997 (colorful Middle Eastern tile designs)$10
1998 (black and gold abstract calligraphic painting)$10
2002 (Middle Eastern jewelry collage)$10
2004 (fractured Middle Eastern photo collage)$10

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