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Need of proper medical attention for Hamid Babei, serving a 6-year sentence on unsubstaniated charges

Letter protesting the withholding of proper medical attention to Hamid Babaei, a doctoral student of finance who is serving a 6-year prison sentence in Iran on unsubstantiated charges, and who is suffering ill health. This letter follows an earlier letter sent by CAF in May 2014 protesting Babaei’s imprisonment without due process.

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Imprisonment and Maltreatment of University of Texas Student Omid Kokabee

Concern regarding the imprisonment and maltreatment of Omid Kokabee, a doctoral student in physics at the University of Texas at Austin, who was arrested in February 2011 during a visit to Iran and incarcerated at Evin Prison without clear charges or a trial for 15 months. He was later sentenced to 10 years in prison on unsubstantiated charges.

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Harsh treatment of student activists and blatant disregard for freedom of expression on university campuses

Since the disputed election of 2009, the Iranian authorities have intensified their repression and persecution of non-violent student activists and scholars on and off university campuses. Hundreds of students on campuses throughout Iran have been banned from study, arrested, given arbitrary and harsh sentences, imprisoned, and tortured. The letter calls for immediate and unconditional release of all students and scholars of conscience imprisoned in Iran for their political views and non-violent activism.

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Concern for the recent harsh and unwarranted sentencing of a number of prominent scholars

Letter concerning the recent spate of harsh and unwarranted sentencing of a number of prominent scholars, intellectuals, and academic rights activists, including the continued persecution of Mr. Emadeddin Baghi and the announcement by Iranian authorities on September 21, 2010, that he has been sentenced to an additional six years imprisonment. Mr. Baghi is an internationally-renowned independent scholar and a prolific author, a prominent journalist, and a leading human rights and prisoners’ rights defender, who also has campaigned against capital punishment and torture in Iran.

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