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Second Letter to Syrian President regarding detention of Syrian academics

Second Letter to Syrian President regarding detention of Syrian academics expressing concern over the continued suppression of academic freedom. Although several detainees have been released, they were all dismissed from their academic jobs and have been unable to resume their positions. Additionally, a number of academics remain detained without access to adequate medical care and allegations of incidents of torture in violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Dismissal of female professors who participated in 6 November demonstration

Letter to His Royal Majesty of Saudi Arabia regarding reports that six female professors of the University of Riyadh were dismissed for participating in demonstration protesting restraints on driving for women. If true, this dismissal is a serious breach of human rights and academic freedom as the right to participate in a non-violent protest is protected under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Detention of Syrian university faculty members

Letter to Syrian President expressing concern over the detention of a number of Syrian academics without charge or trial in violation of the principles of academic freedom and human rights. Detainees have been incarcerated many years without being allowed visits from family members, legal representation or access to adequate medical care. Additionally, many of these academics have lost their university positions in addition to their incarceration.

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Undermining of university life and denial of academic freedom in Kuwait

Letter to Iraqi President expressing concern over the state of academic freedom in Kuwait under Iraqi occupation and the apparent contravening of the Fourth Geneva Conventions of 1949 measures which prohibit collective punishment of persons living in occupied territories as well as requiring the occupying power to facilitate the proper working of educational institutions and forbids destruction of property.

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Continued detention and harsh treatment of Sudanese academics

Second letter to Sudanese Head of State and Defense Minister regarding further violations of human rights of detained academics including denial of travel visas for health reasons, harsh treatment of detainees and intimidation by government officials. There is additional concern due to the indefinite closure of Khartoum University following a student strike cutting off students and professors from their place of study.

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