Extended detention of Dr. Bashir Omer

His Excellency Lieutenant General Omar Hassan al-Bashir

Head of State and Defense Minister

People's Palace POB 281

Khartoum, Sudan 

Your Excellency: 

In our letter of November 20, 1990, the Committee on Academic Freedom of the Middle East Studies Association expressed its relief that Dr. Bashir Omer, former minister and economics professor at Khartoum University, had been released from Kober Prison. We have since learned that Dr. Omer was not released: rather he was transferred with twenty other detainees on October 11 to Kassala Prison. 

We are deeply disturbed that his detention has been extended. We hope that, in the absence of evidence that he has committed an offense that is recognizably criminal according to international standards, you will arrange for his release. 

Thank you for your consideration. We look forward to your response. 


Anne H. Betteridge

Executive Director 



His Excellency Brigadier-General Mohamed Saleh al-Zubeir, National Revolution 

Command Ambassador Abdalla Ahmed Abdalla, Embassy of the Republic of the Sudan Ambassador

James Cheek, Embassy of the United State of America

Mr. Jeff Lumstead, Sudan Desk, US Department of State

Mr. Steven Morrison, Africa Subcommittee, House Committee on International Relations

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