Response by Shalom Tourgeman to Israel’s closure of the administrative offices of Al-Quds University

Ms. Amy W. Newhall, Executive Director

Middle East Studies Association of North America, Inc.

The University of Arizona

Tucson, AZ 85721


Dear Ms. Newhall,

On behalf of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, we thank you for your fax of July 22, 2002.

Every agreement signed with the Palestinians since the Oslo Accords of 1993 has included a Palestinian commitment to situate Palestinian Authority offices exclusively in areas under PA jurisdiction, and to refrain from exercising Palestinian authority outside said territory.

Accordingly, on July 7, 2002, after compelling evidence had indicated that Al-Quds University was operating  as an arm of the Palestinian Council, and that the University’s activities in the State of Israel were in violation of these signed agreements, Minister of Public Security Dr. Uzi Landau ordered the closure of the offices of the President and administration of the University.

Information obtained by our security services substantiated that the University was being funded by the Palestinian Authority – which was paying the salaries of its employees – and that donations to the University were being transferred through the PA.  Moreover, the PA had been actively involved in the financial, professional and administrative operations of the University, as well as the appointment of its senior officials.

After Prof. Nusseibeh declared, in writing, that his institution would operate without any connection to the Palestinian Authority, and that he personally would not perform his PA “Jerusalem portfolio” function on its grounds, the reopening of the above offices was facilitated.


Shalom Tourgeman

Acting Foreign Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister



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