Response from UW Chancellor Office to June 3 Letter

Thank you for reaching out on behalf of Prof. Samer Alatout. As you may know, he is an award-winning educator and researcher whose work on the problem of water scarcity in the Middle East has been recognized internationally. He has worked on multiple collaborations with Israelis and Palestinians; hosted Israeli scholars on campus and received a Fulbright Award to study at the Hebrew University. UW–Madison is fortunate to have him as part of our campus community and has been providing resources to support him.

Numerous current and former students and scholars who are familiar with Prof. Alatout have spoken out in support of him as a teacher, researcher and colleague. We appreciate and affirm this recognition.

In the words of Chancellor Blank, “academic freedom and free speech are among the most important foundations on which universities are built.” Again, thank you for your support of Prof. Alatout and of these principles which are so vital to defend.

John Lucas
Assistant Vice Chancellor/Communications

Office of the Chancellor
University of Wisconsin-Madison

See 3 June 2020 letter to University of Wisconsin-Madison.


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