MESA Book Awards

Noah Salomon

Carleton College

2017 Albert Hourani Book Award Winner

Noah Salomon

Noah Salomon

For Love of the Prophet: An Ethnography of Sudan’s Islamic State
Princeton University Press, 2016

For Love of the Prophet is a crucial intervention in the study of Islam and the state. By focusing on contemporary Sudan, a place that declares itself an Islamic state but which has received relatively little scholarly attention as such, Salomon elucidates how the Islamicness of a state is actually produced and experienced. Beginning from his own confusion at not finding much evidence of an Islamic agenda in critical state institutions such as the ministry of education or the courts, Saloman exposes the far more ubiquitous ways in which particular Islamic sensibilities and propensities are produced in the populace through media, the organization of time, the built environment, and the aesthetic regime. Theoretically cohesive and compelling, For Love of the Prophet is grounded in history and ethnography, and engages with critical theory, secularism studies, Islamic studies, and material religion.

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