SYMPOSIUM: Philosophy between the Islamicate and Latin American traditions

"Philosophy between the Islamicate and Latin American traditions: Civilizational perspectives on alienation/ghayriyya (otherness) in the knowing/being" (22-24 June).

This unique symposium aims at dialogue among scholars of philosophy across two cultural sphere in a multipolar world. Lecturers include some of the most prominent scholars in their fields. To register, please write to: [email protected], including your name, occupation/field of study and country.


Latin America is a unique mosaic of cultures, mostly of its own making, that trace their origins back to western European, Indigenous, African and Islamic sources. Its philosophies can be found in its rich literature and art and studied there, not just in departments of philosophy.

The Islamicate world is also a cultural mosaic. Despite its long experience, it faces a similar challenge of emancipation from the morass of 150 years of “Western” economic, political and intellectual domination. Its fourteen-century-old philosophical tradition has been expressed in various forms (falsafa, taṣawwuf, ʿirfān, poetry, etc.).



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