Response from Yale University to June 20, 2006 letter

June 30, 2006

Mr. Joe Stork

Chair Committee on Academic Freedom

Middle East Studies Association of North America

The University of Arizona

1219 N. Santa Rita Avenue

Tucson AZ 85721

Dear Mr. Stork:

As you can imagine, Yale’s policy on confidentiality prohibits me from commenting publicly on any appointment matter, including that of Professor Juan Cole, about which you wrote to me. I can categorically assure you that Yale’s search and the appointment processes are carefully monitored, both by a dean and by members of the Provost’s Office, and this is particularly so when specific appointments draws special internal or external attention. Our criteria for appointment are based solely on an individual’s scholarship, teaching, and service, and an individual’s political views are never taken into account in making appointment decisions. We also have robust procedures that the Provost may initiate if he or she has questions about the outcome of an appointment. No such procedure has been initiated in this case.


Andrew D. Hamilton


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