2021 NEH Grants and Offers

(August 17, 2021) WASHINGTON, D.C. — The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) today announced $28.4 million in grants for 239 humanities projects across the country, including the following projects in Middle East studies.

Pennsylvania State University  Outright: $249,842    
[Collaborative Research]  
Project Director: Michelle Campos; Orit Bashkin (co-project director); Lior Sternfeld (co-project director)    
Project Title: Reimagining Jewish Life in the Modern Middle East, 1800–Present: Culture, Society, and History    
Project Description: Preparation for print publication of a multi-authored monograph on the history of Jewish life in the Middle East from 1800 to the present, for preparation of a special journal issue and a website.  

Benedictine University   Outright: $195,764    
[Scholarly Editions and Translations]              
Project Director: Kaveh Hemmat    
Project Title: Khataynameh (“Book of China”) Translation Project    
Project Description: Preparation for print and digital publication of a translation of a travel narrative written by Ali Akbar Khatayi, a Persian merchant who travelled to China in the sixteenth century.  


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