MESA Announces 2023 Award Recipients

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2023 MESA Award Recipients & Honorees

Dr. Abduljalil al-Singace 
Judith E. Tucker, Georgetown University
Anne H. Betteridge, University of Arizona
G. Carole Woodall, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 
The Shamama Case: Contesting Citizenship across the Modern Mediterranean (Princeton University Press)
Jessica M. Marglin, University of Southern California
Losing Istanbul: Arab-Ottoman Imperialists and the End of Empire (Stanford University Press)
Mostafa Minawi, Cornell University
Honorable Mention
Pinelandia: An Anthropology and Field Poetics of War and Empire (University of California Press)
Nomi Stone, University of Texas, Dallas
Transnational Palestine: Migration and the Right of Return before 1948 (Stanford University Press)
Nadim Bawalsa, Institute for Palestine Studies
Honorable Mentions
A House in the Homeland: Armenian Pilgrimages to Places of Ancestral Memory (Stanford University Press)
Carel Bertram, San Francisco State University
This Flame Within: Iranian Revolutionaries in the United States (Duke University Press)
Manijeh Moradian, Barnard College, Columbia University
Sextarianism: Sovereignty, Secularism and the State in Lebanon (Stanford University Press)
Maya Mikdashi, Rutgers University
Honorable Mention
Fantasmic Objects: Art and Sociality from Lebanon, 1920-1950 (Indiana University Press)
Kirsten L. Scheid, American University of Beirut
Roger Owen Book Award (Co-Winners)
Does Skill Make Us Human? Migrant Workers in 21st-Century Qatar and Beyond (Princeton University Press)
Natasha Iskander, New York University
States of Subsistence: The Politics of Bread in Contemporary Jordan (Stanford University Press)
José Ciro Martínez, University of York
Feeling Like a State: Anxiety and Optimism in the late-Ottoman Empire
Jamie Pelling, Princeton University, Near Eastern Studies
Supervised by Michael Reynolds and Julia Elyachar
Honorable Mentions
Space, Ritual, and Religious Experience and the Ottoman hajj, c. 994/1586–1194/1780
Yahya Nurgat, University of Cambridge, History
Supervised by Helen Pfiefer
Entertainment, Propriety, Transgression: The ‘Unorthodox’ Greeks of Istanbul in the Late Ottoman Empire
Sada Payır, University of Oxford, Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Supervised by Laurent Mignon
Armenian Schools in Contemporary Turkey: Governmentality, Community, Resilience
Hulya Delihuseyinoglu, Bogazici University, The Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History
Supervised by Umut Turem
Honorable Mention
Shaʿ bi  music and struggles over ‘the popular’: class, space and emotion in contemporary Cairo
Sophie Frankford, University of Oxford, School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography
Supervised by Walter Armbrust and Zuzanna Olszewska
Thinking with Kulthūm Nana: ʿAqāʾid al-nisāʾ and Women’s Knowledge in Islam
Du Fei, Cornell University, Department of History
Honorable Mention
Conflict in Ruins: Counterinsurgent Urbanism and its Discontents in Northern Kurdistan
Ronay Bakan, Johns Hopkins University, Department of Political Science
Ruba Akkad, Texas Christian University
Anthony Baldwin, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
Aysenur Cam, Princeton University
Raashid Goyal, Cornell University
Theresa Grabmaier, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
Doaa Hammoudeh, Oxford University
Fadi Kafeety, University of Houston
Luise Loges, University of Glasgow
Corina Lozovan, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Tobias Scheunchen, University of Chicago



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