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Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Education and its Denial of Gaza Students’ Right to Study in the West Bank

Israeli Government’s ongoing violations against Palestinian education and its denial of Gaza students’ right to study in the West Bank, in particular the cases of four students who had to discontinue their studies in 2000, and are now seeking to resume their studies at Birzeit University, as well as Lujain Zaim who Israel is denying the right to begin university studies there.

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IDF Invasion of Al-Quds University’s Institute of Modern Media at the Abu Dis

Early-morning IDF invasion of al-Quds University’s Institute of Modern Media at the Abu Dis campus when televising equipment was destroyed and the television transmitter seized. This wanton attack upon an educational establishment is a direct infringement upon academic freedom and seems to be part of a broader Israeli campaign against education and academic freedom in the West Bank and Gaza.

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Tenure case of Dr. Ariela Azoulay

Letter to Bar-Ilan University President Moshe Kaveh regarding the tenure case of Dr. Ariela Azoulay. She may have been denied tenure as a result of opaque and improper evaluation procedures and because of her political views, rather than on the basis of her record as a scholar, teacher, and member of her university and academic communities.

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Arrest and subsequent deportation to Gaza by Israeli authorities of Berlanty Azzam

Letter to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli’s Minister of Defense Ehud Barak, Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George J. Mitchell, and Israeli Ambassador Michael B. Oren regarding the arrest and subsequent deportation to Gaza by Israeli authorities of Ms. Berlanty Azzam who was weeks away from completing her degree at Bethlehem University.

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Comments approving Ben Gurion University to dismiss Neve Gordon

Letter to Ben-Gurion University of the Negev President Rivka Carmi expressing concern over her comments approving BGU’s search for legal means to dismiss Senior Lecturer and Chair of the Government and Politics Department, Neve Gordon. These comments came in response to an opinion piece published by Dr. Gordon in the Los Angeles Times on 21 August, in which he called for a comprehensive boycott of his country as a means to pressure Israel to end its occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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Detention of students without trial at West Bank universities

Letter to Isma’il Haniyeh (Caretaker Prime Minister, Gaza) and Nabil Abuznaid (Representative of the Palestine Liberation Organization) to express concern about reports of detention of students without trial at West Bank universities, apparently because of their political affiliations.

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