Exhibitor/Conference Staffing

MESA Temporary Staffing

MESA often needs temporary staff to work at Registration and/or the MESA booth at the Book Bazaar.  Interested parties should contact Sara Palmer to help with Registration or Rose Veneklasen to help with MESA's booth.

MESA Registration
Contact Name: Sara Palmer
Contact Email: sara@mesana.org
Contact Phone:520-333-2577
Dates & Times Needed: November 15-16, 8 am-6 pm
Hourly Rate: $16

MESA Booth
Contact Name: Rose Veneklasen
Contact Email: rose@mesana.org
Contact Phone:520-333-2577
Dates & Times Needed: November 15, 8 am-6 pm; November 16/17 12-2 pm
Hourly Rate: $16

Exhibitor Temporary Staffing

Exhibitors also often need extra staffing for their booths.  Below is a list of exhibitors who have sent requests.  Please check back periodically as this list will continue to be updated.

Company/Organization Name: The Arab Gulf States Institute
Booth Number: 17
Contact Name: Bouchra Lawrence
Contact Email: bouchra.lawrence@agsiw.org
Contact Phone: office 202-769-5198, mobile 202-830-8258
Dates & Times Needed: Friday 16th 8 hours, Sat 17th 8 hours, Sun 18th 4 hours
Hourly Rate: $20/hour

Company/Organization Name: Mazda Publishers, Inc.
Booth Number: 30
Contact Name: Ahmad Kamron Jabbari
Contact Email: mazdapub@aol.com
Contact Phone: 714-423-6264
Dates & Times Needed: During MESA conference. Please call or e-mail for more information.
Hourly Rate: Negotiable

Company/Organization Name: University of California Press
Booth Number: 69
Contact Name: Niels Hooper
Contact Email: niels.hooper@ucpress.edu
Contact Phone: 415-351-8833
Dates & Times Needed: Friday 16th 9-4, Sat 17th 9-4, Sun 18th 8-10 or times in these windows
Hourly Rate: Great for grad students: We'll pay entry to the conference, give you free books, and pay - to be discussed

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