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MESA Mentoring Award

The MESA Mentoring Award was established in 1995 and first given at MESA’s 1996 annual meeting. The award recognizes exceptional contributions retired faculty have made to the education and training of others.

2017 Nomination Guidelines

MESA members are invited to submit to the Secretariat written nominations for the
MESA Mentoring Award. Letters of nomination should detail the contributions of the individual. The nominator should also
append a biographical sketch and/or CV of the nominee and complete
the official nomination form, listing AT LEAST two other references who will submit letters that describe the nominee's qualifications
(Note: the nominator should collect all letters and submit with other materials).

Nominators are reminded that the award is intended for retired faculty who have made substantial contributions to the education and training of others.

The awardee will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at MESA's annual meeting and will receive a beautifully matted and framed certificate.

The nomination deadline for the 2017 MESA Mentoring Award is June 01, 2017. Nominations should be emailed to or mailed to:

MESA Mentoring Award
Middle East Studies Association
3542 N Geronimo Ave.
Tucson AZ 85705

Please address questions to:

Rose Veneklasen
Awards Coordinator
tel 520-333-2577
fax 520-207-3166

2016 Award Recipient

Richard W. Bulliet
Columbia University

See below for list of previous awardees.

Previous Awardees

2015 Jere L. Bacharach, University of Washington
Israel Gershoni, Tel Aviv University
2014 Salih J. Altoma, Indiana University
2013 Wadad Kadi, University of Chicago
2012 Charles D. Smith, University of Arizona

Clement Moore Henry, University of Texas at Austin

Ira M. Lapidus, University of California, Berkeley

2009 Robert L. Tignor, Princeton University
2008 Walter G. Andrews, University of Washington
2007 Norman Itzkowitz, Princeton University
2006 William Cleveland (posthumously), Simon Fraser University
2005 Ralph Jaekel, University of California, Los Angeles
2004 Issa J. Boullata, McGill University
2003 Robert A. Fernea, University of Texas at Austin
2001 Nikki R. Keddie, University of California, Los Angeles
2000 Arthur E. Goldschmidt, Jr., Pennsylvania State University
Afaf Lutfi Al-Sayyid Marsot, University of California, Los Angeles
1999 Charles Issawi, Princeton University
1998 L. Carl Brown, Princeton University
1997 Farhat J. Ziadeh, University of Washington

J. C. Hurewitz, Columbia University


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