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Letter regarding poisonings at girls’ schools and women’s dormitories

Our letter to Iranian authorities to condemn the persistent and widespread attacks by poisoning at girls' schools and women's college dormitories and call for an impartial and transparent investigation into their origins and bring the perpetrators to justice. From the initial attacks in November 2022 until today, more than 7000 students from across the country have been impacted and a climate of fear and insecurity prevails.

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Letter to Iranian authorities calling for immediate release of imprisoned conservationist, Niloufar Bayani

Letter to Iranian authorities calling for the immediate release of conservationist, Niloufar Bayani, who is serving a 10-year sentence on dubious charges and is experiencing declining health. Bayani has contracted the Covid-19 virus in prison and has been sent to a quarantine isolation ward with inadequate medical support.

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