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Opposing New York’s Executive Order 157

Letter to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo opposing Executive Order 157, a highly dangerous threat to the constitutionally protected right to free speech. This Executive Order undermines the principles of academic freedom which are so crucial to maintaining the integrity, autonomy and educational mission of New York’s public and private institutions of higher education.

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Termination Initiated against Wheaton College Professor Larycia Hawkins for Inconsistency with “Statement of Faith”

Letter to Wheaton College President Philip Graham Ryken urging him to reject the provost's recommendation that "termination-for-cause" procedures be initiated against Professor Larycia Hawkins because certain statements she allegedly made are supposedly inconsistent with the college's Statement of Faith and calling on him to affirm Wheaton's commitment to uphold the principles of academic freedom.

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Maryland Bill Threatens Academic Freedom

Letter to Maryland Senator Joan Carter Conway about Senate Bill 647 who introduced bill that would prohibit the use of state funds by colleges and universities to support faculty membership in, or travel to, the academic conferences of “an organization that has issued a public resolution or statement or taken an official action boycotting a country that has ratified a declaration of cooperation with the state or the country’s institutions of higher education.”

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Controversy Over San Jose University Workshop for Teachers and Community College Faculty about Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Letter to University President Mohammad Qayoumi expressing concern about the response of San José State to the ongoing controversy surrounding the recent workshop for high school teachers and community college faculty on teaching the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was organized by Professor Persis Karim.

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