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Continued disruptions of education in the West Bank and Gaza Strip

Letter to Israeli Authorities expressing concern over the strict closures of the West Bank and Gaza Strip causing disruptions to institutions of higher education as well as the harassment of Gazan students in the West Bank including arbitrary denials, delays or non-renewals of student permits.

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Further attacks on the academic freedom of Dr. Soroush

Second letter to Iranian Authorities regarding the case of Dr. Soroush and the threats and intimidation he is facing which not only reduce his academic freedom but also endanger his life, the most recent of which is the confiscation of his passport preventing him from attending major academic conferences. (See 31/1/1996)

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House arrest of prominent Tunisian academic

Letter to Tunisian Authorities protesting the treatment of Dr. Moncef Ben Salem, professor at the University of Sfax, who after being imprisoned for three years for criticizing the government for human rights abuses, is now under house arrest and subject to harassment and isolation.

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Letter in response to letter from Capt. Caroline B. Glick concerning the denial of permits for Gaza students

Letter to Israeli authorities in response to letter from Capt. Caroline B. Glick (Oct. 9), a reply to the MESA letter of 9/12/96, concerning the denial of permits for Gaza students to study in the West Bank which fails to adequately address the concerns raised about the violation of students’ legal rights and freedom of education.

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Continued violations by Israeli authorities against Palestinian Studies

Letter to Israeli Authorities regarding the continued violations against Palestinian students studying in the occupied territories including denials of permits, the continued closure of Hebron University, use of force by the IDF against students, and administrative detentions of students.

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Student arrests after demonstration in Tripoli

Letter to Tunisian Authorities expressing concern over reports of arrest, torture and imprisonment of 24 students in the wake of demonstrations on the grounds of offending the leader of the revolutions and committing acts against the revolution.

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Suspension of University Professor

Letter to Bahraini government regarding the suspension of De. Munira Ahmed Fakhro from her position at the University of Bahrain after her refusal to retract statements made in a petition calling for governmental reforms and renouncing the use of violence in political disputes. Approximately 90 other women signatories have been put in a similar situation with threats of losing their jobs.

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